2020-21 Fisher PTA Leadership Interest Form

Now is the time to volunteer your time and talents to Fisher PTA in order to complement your children’s educational experience. This is a great chance to meet other parents and help to make our school the best elementary school possible!

The PTA Executive Board officers to be slated are: 

- President
- 1st VP of Membership
- 2nd VP of Ways & Means
- 3rd VP of Programs
- Secretary
- Treasurer

At the January Fisher PTA Meeting, a Nominating Committee was formed to slate the Executive Board Officers for the next year. The Nominating Committee will present their recommendations at a special PTA Membership Meeting at the end of March and the officers will be elected.

If you are interested in serving on the PTA Executive Board at Fisher Elementary during the 2020-2021 school year, please complete this form by Friday, March 20th. After the new Executive Officers are elected, all the remaining Board positions will be filled. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact one of our Nominating Committee Members.

Thank you,
Lisa Burgess, LisaB@fisherptaboard.org
Ashley Martin, AshleyM@fisherptaboard.org
Marie Engelman, MarieE@fisherptaboard.org


Click the image or this link to submit your interest today


Fisher PTA Executive Board – Officers

The following roles serve on the Fisher PTA Board.  Per the Fisher PTA bylaws, "The duties of each executive board member shall be to attend all meetings of the association."  The board meets monthly during the school year.

- Time Commitment: 8-10 hours per week at beginning of the year, (3-4 hours a month after that)
- Busiest Times of Year: July - November
- Ideal candidate:  Someone who has flexibility during school hours for meetings and events.  This position is best for someone with strong leadership qualities who can manage and oversee the job duties of multiple board members.  
- Maintain a positive and productive relationship with school faculty members
- Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the PTA
- Preside at all meetings of the association
- Appoint the chair of each standing committee and special committee, subject to the approval of the executive board, unless otherwise provided in these bylaws
- Be authorized to sign on bank accounts (unless prohibited by terms of employment)
- Be authorized to sign contracts approved by the executive board
- Be listed as the principal officer and be authorized to sign tax documents (unless prohibited by terms of employment)
- Appoint a members for special committees
- Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating and financial reconciliation committees. 
- Public speaking at PTA general meetings and other events

1st VP - Membership
- Time Commitment: 2-3 hours a week first part of year, minimal time commitment after September         
- Busiest Times of Year: August and September
- Ideal candidate: Organized, able to handle large amounts of paperwork, and works well alone.  Position is very flexible as far as when the work is done.
 - Develop and implement the PTA's membership recruitment plan, with the goal of achieving the national standard of at least one member per student
 - Update all online and hard copy membership forms
 - Host enrollment at back to school night as the kick off of the membership drive
 - Create incentive programs to motivate families, grandparents, staff and other constituencies to join
 - Distribute membership cards and directories to each member
 - Maintain membership records and submitting rosters/dues to state monthly
 - Submit paperwork for any earned awards (if required)
 - Manage the Life Member award process that occurs in January/February each year
 - Preside in President’s absence (in given order)

2nd VP - Ways & Means
- Time Commitment: 4-5 hours per week at the beginning of the year or peak fundraising times | minimal time commitment outside of peak fundraising times.
- Busiest Times of Year: Beginning of school year (fall fundraiser), January/February around Dinner & Auction 
- Ideal candidate: Someone with flexibility during working hours to contact potential partners/sponsors.  Bonus if you enjoy working with community members to obtain funds through sponsorships!
 - Oversee and support all fundraising events for the PTA
 - Secure PTA partners (sponsors) for the school each year
 - Partner with the chairperson of individual events to ensure PTA guidelines are followed and assist as needed to ensure success of event
 - Preside in President’s absence (in given order)

3rd VP - Programs
- Time Commitment: 4-5 hours per week at beginning of the year | 2-3 hours a month after that (including attending all programs)
- Busiest Times of Year: August (planning and scheduling programs for the school year)
- Ideal candidate: Someone with flexibility to be present at programs during school hours.  Also, he/she needs to have time during working hours to coordinate with the companies being brought in for our programs.
 - In charge of organizing, executing and attending all PTA sponsored programs/speakers/assemblies for students, parents and families
 - Work with the PTA President to plan and schedule at least one program a month during the school year
 - Coordinate  an average of 2-3 parent programs coordinated with the counselor 
 - Negotiate/coordinate payment for the speakers while maintaining the programs budget throughout the year
 - Work with the Team Leads for each grade level to coordinate and plan the High Touch/High Tech science program visits throughout the year. 
 - Preside in President’s absence (in given order)

- Time Commitment: 2-3 hours monthly
- Busiest Times of Year: Following each PTA meeting | First month of first year of holding position
- Ideal candidate: Need to be present at all board and general meetings.  Detail oriented and organized is preferred to keep up with minutes and documents.
 - Record and maintain the minutes of all meetings
 - Collect and preserve documents relating to the history of the association
 - Confirm that all executive board members have signed the Local PTA Ethics/Conflict of Interest Policy
 - Maintain and confirm all board members have signed necessary documents and completed required courses
 - Maintain the required documents of the association

- Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week 
- Busiest Times of Year: Beginning of the year when new to role | weekly check runs | around bookfair and party time as checks are requested
- Ideal candidate:  Extremely organized, some financial acumen (but you do not have to be an accounting major), flexible for check signings weekly.
 - Generate, oversees and maintain the PTA budget
 - Pay bills and reimbursements as required
 - Prepare and present budget report for each PTA board and general meeting
 - Serve as the Chair of the Budget and Finance committees
 - Present a written and verbal financial report at executive board and association meetings and as requested by the membership.
 - Maintain books of account and records including bank statements, receipts, budgets, invoices, paid receipts and canceled checks
 - Make disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the association
 - Be authorized to sign on bank accounts and tax documents
 - Present books of accounting and records to the financial reconciliation committee
 - Prepare annual tax return

Committee Chairs & Support Coordinators

The following roles serve on the Fisher PTA Board as Committee Chairs or provide support to the Board as Coordinators. Committee Chairs are members of the board and and attend Board meetings. The board meets monthly during the school year. Support Coordinators are asked to attend regularly schedule PTA General Membership meetings (8 per year). 

Committee Chairs

•   Book Fair Chair - Coordinates fall and spring book fairs for students, parents, and school faculty

•   Business Partners Chair - Monitors and coordinates relationships with our community partners, member of the Fundraising Committee.

•   Council Delegate (Chair) - Attends all Frisco ISD Council of PTAs meetings and reports back to the Fisher PTA Board 

•   Reflections Chair - Coordinates the Reflections Art Program; Supports cultural arts activities within Fisher Elementary 

•   Fundraising Chair - Leads the fundraising committee to coordinate and oversee Fisher Fundraising Events

•   Grants Chair - Organizes the "Mini Grants for Teachers" program at Fisher; Researches grant opportunities for Fisher 

•   Healthy Lifestyles Chair - Promotes health & wellness at Fisher; Coordinates the Fisher Fit Kid Fair in the spring 

•   Historian (Chair) - Creates the yearly Fisher PTA scrapbook; Takes photos & documents activities throughout the year 

•   Hospitality Chair - Coordinates hospitality events on behalf of Fisher PTA, includes appreciation luncheons, monthly and special events for Fisher 

•   Membership Chair - Works with the 1st VP Membership to coordinate all aspects of the annual Fisher PTA membership drive 

•   Parliamentarian (Chair)- Assists on all issues regarding Fisher PTA's Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Robert's Rules of Order 

•   Publicity Chair - Promotes Fisher PTA activities via social media and publicity channels; Advertises events for the Fisher PTA

•   Room Parent Chair - Organizes & serves as the coordinator of the Fisher PTA Room Parents 

•   Special and Gifted Education (SAGE) Chair - Acts as a liaison between special education and gifted classes and their families

•   Technology Chair - Oversees and manages the Fisher PTA website and email duties

•   Volunteer Chair - Coordinates volunteers for various Fisher PTA functions 

•   Watch D.O.G.S Chair - Coordinates volunteer dads to serve at Fisher 

Support Coordinators

• Book Fair Coordinator - Supports Book Fair Chair in coordinating fall and spring book fairs for students, parents, and school faculty

• Hospitality Coordinator - supports Hospitality Chair in coordinating hospitality events on behalf of Fisher PTA.

• Fall Fundraiser Coordinator - leads the fall fundraiser (fun run, Raise Craze, etc.), member of the Fundraising Committee. 

•  Winter Fundraiser Coordinator - leads the winter fundraising event (Dinner & Auction, etc ), member of the Fundraising Committee. 

•   Spirit Wear Coordinator - manage and maintain all necessary inventories for the Fisher PTA spirit store, including acquiring bids and manage the ordering, production and sale of any school spirit related merchandise (in partnership with the VP of Ways and Means).

•   Directory Coordinator - Organize and distribute a student directory by October,  promote Ad sales (Business & 5th grade) advertising for the directory (in partnership with the VP of Ways and Means).

•   Store Rewards & Spirit Event Coordinator - coordinate and manage board-approved and /or product-related programs, such as Kroger Community Rewards Program, Amazon Smile or the like, for the purpose of generating revenue, plan and coordinate Spirit Events with local community businesses to generate revenue, promote Spirit Events via newsletter, social media, flyers, etc.